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real_block reply

I followed your demo to create a memory sqlite instance, that's very cool. I always keep the db object as class member before, now I know how to access this resource from a pure name. However I face a weird phenomenon which I successfully opened sqlite on memory, but when I operate from another lamada and Qt warns me db not open. I close the app for a few seconds, it recovers, and when I run the app a few more times, it give me the same message. At present I think it's a little unstable for practical use.

18 Oct 2022 06:12 UTC


Chris reply Sadly, this "feature" may cause problems with the approach you've outlined! It seems to for me... I'm going to have to rethink things.

06 Apr 2022 18:45 UTC


Anonymous reply

Hi, Nice ideas ! There's just one thing about it, please do not store you QSqlDatabase object in a member variable. There's a specific warning against that in the class documentation. It prevents proper cleanup on shutdown.

26 May 2021 07:18 UTC


Linus reply

Thanks for the feedback. You're right, that's a problem. I'll fix it. :)

26 May 2021 11:39 UTC

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