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Brian reply

Very very cool! I have been wanting for a good ad block to be built into angelfish for a while to get rid of all the annoying ads and also help with performance. Angelfish runs ok, but could be much better (Looking at how Morph browser runs on the Pinephone)!

02 Jan 2021 02:46 UTC


Jonah Brüchert ✔️ reply

I'm not sure there's much Angelfish could do differenctly to improve performance. The web rendering is completely done by QtWebEngine, just like in Morph browser, so probably the performance differences are caused by some part of the graphics stack that is different between Plasma Mobile and Lomiri. Did you do a direct comparison of Angelfish and Morph on the otherwise same graphics stack and user interface by any chance?

09 Jan 2021 02:35 UTC


Carl reply

This is very cool!

22 Dec 2020 10:58 UTC

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