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Kevin Kofler reply

Well, at least the ÖBB API (it is probably the same for DB) knows about Belgrade (Beograd), but is unable to route you there, for a simple reason: the segment Subotica - Novi Sad is closed for reconstruction, so the EC trains that used to run between Vienna and Belgrade (via Budapest) do not run. See–Belgrade_railway and–Belgrad .

16 Jan 2024 06:34 UTC


Jonah Brüchert ✔️ reply

Yes, that's unfortunate. As far as I know the current solution is to go to Tovarnik (Croatia) by train, then walk the 9km over the border and then continue with Serbia's train service. Not sure if this is something that travel planing apps should support, but I guess it would be better than straight up not showing anything.

16 Jan 2024 17:16 UTC

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